14 July 2024
Permanent Revolution & the Struggle for Revolutionary Leadership Today
Debate with the Spartacist League of Australia

21 June 2024
The Flotsam & Jetsam Election
No vote for Labour—spoil your ballot!

27 May 2024
Video: Class Struggle & the Defence of Gaza (with transcript)
IBT supporter addresses rally

15 May 2024
Campus Occupations under Attack
Biden cracks down on Gaza solidarity

1 May 2024

24 February 2024
Deutsch: Russland und China im Fadenkreuz
Der Nato-Imperialismus drängt in einen dritten Weltkrieg

5 February 2024
The Continuity of Spartacism?
Review of ICL/LFI Debate

4 February 2024
Reforge the international Spartacist tendency!
A new section related to debate between organizations claiming the heritage of the international Spartacist tendency

28 January 2024
Audio: IBT speaks at trade-union event
For labor action to defend the Palestinians!

26 January 2024
International Bolshevik Tendency at ICL/LFI debate
Interventions from the floor

25 January 2024
Program First: IBT to ICL
Reply to ICL response to our Open Letter

6 January 2024
Video: Workers Must Strike against Genocide (with transcript)
IBT supporter addresses Gaza rally

5 January 2024
Marxist Archives: A new section of Spartacist material on race & the national question, including articles on interpenetrated peoples and the national question in Israel/Palestine, Ireland and Cyprus.

1 January 2024
The Baby & the Bathwater
Reforge the international Spartacist tendency!
An open letter

27 November 2023
Stop the Gaza Genocide!
Marxism & the Struggle for Palestinian Liberation

5 November 2023
For Workers’ Action against War in Ukraine!
IBT speech at trade-union sponsored panel discussion (audio and text)

15 October 2023

5 October 2023
The Main Enemy is at Home!
Protest to end NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine (audio and text)

3 October 2023
Spartacism Junked
ICL embraces liquidationism

1 October 2023
Rearranging the Deckchairs
Race & class in the New Zealand election

30 September 2023
1917 #47 now available

25 August 2023
Police violence in France
For an organized workers’ fightback!

20 August 2023
Français: Violence policière en France
Pour une riposte ouvrière !

15 June 2023
‘Pink Tides’ & Popular Fronts
Revolutionary strategy in Latin America
Text and audio

20 May 2023
1917 édition française n°9

20 May 2023
Français: La Russie et la Chine dans la ligne de mire
Les impérialistes de l’OTAN nous menacent d’une troisième guerre mondiale

1 May 2023

19 April 2023
Transphobia & Fascism
Mobilise the workers’ movement for trans rights!

25 March 2023
Français: Les grèves contre la réforme des retraites font trembler la bourgeoisie
Pour une grève générale pour écraser l'attaque de Macron !
Non à la collaboration de classe !

25 March 2023
French Pension Strikes Rattle Bourgeoisie
For a general strike to smash Macron’s attack! No to class collaboration!

22 March 2023
Killing with Kindness
The rise and fall of Jacinda Ardern

10 March 2023
Inching towards WWIII
US Imperialism Targets Russia & China
Text and audio

6 March 2023
1917 #46 now available

13 February 2023
Full, Free & Fast Trans Healthcare Now!
Text and audio

7 October 2022
Capitalist Necrosis & Right-Wing Populism
Text and audio

30 September 2022
Reforms are not ‘Enough’!
Capitalism, crisis & the king

23 June 2022
Marxism & Indigenous Peoples
The Canadian struggle
Text and audio

1 June 2022
Trans Equality & the Working Class
For a revolutionary orientation!

23 May 2022
Women in the Trade Unions
Unite against prejudice and oppression!

21 May 2022
Imperialist Hypocrisy in the Pacific
Hands off Solomon Islands! Defend China!

15 May 2022
1917 #45 now available

7 May 2022
State-Sponsored Transphobia
Reactionary rampage in America

1 May 2022
May Day 2022: Oppose Imperialist War!

23 April 2022
Neither Macron nor Le Pen!
Poisoned choice in French presidential election

22 March 2022
Xenophobia & Hypocrisy
Anti-Russia propaganda war

10 March 2022
Revolutionaries & Imperialist War
International Bolshevik Tendency study class
Text and audio

7 March 2022
Ukraine & the Left
Revolutionary defeatism & workers’ internationalism

24 February 2022
NATO Provokes Russian Attack on Ukraine
Down with imperialist war!

1 February 2022
NATO Imperialists Escalate Ukraine Crisis
Text and audio

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