Reforge the international Spartacist tendency!

A collection of documents related to debates on the heritage of the international Spartacist tendency (iSt) and its relevance today

First published: 4 February 2024
Last updated: 12 March 2024

The ICL's Recent Transformation and its Repercussions

Spartacist No.68, revision of the ICL program, September 2023

Letters between LFI and ICL, Sep/Oct 2023

Spartacism Junked, 3 October 2023

ICL/BT debate, 11 November 2023, London [video]

The Baby & the Bathwater: Reforge the international Spartacist tendency, open letter, 1 January 2024

Response of the ICL to IBT Open Letter, 11 January 2024

Program First: IBT to ICL, 22 January 2024

ICL/LFI debate, 13 January 2024, New York City [video]

IBT at ICL/LFI debate: Interventions from the floor, 26 January 2024

The Continuity of Spartacism? Review of ICL/LFI Debate, 5 February 2024

BT report of ICL/LFI debate, 28 January 2024

Bolshevik-Leninist letter [to Revolutionary Regroupment], 1 February 2024

On the end of fraternal relations with Bolshevik-Leninist (Australia), Revolutionary Regroupment, 23 February 2024

Key documents of the international Spartacist tendency in its revolutionary period

In Defence of a Revolutionary Perspective, Marxist Bulletin No.1, first published June 1962

Cuba and Marxist Theory, Marxist Bulletin No.8, June 1966

Declaration of Principles of the Spartacist League, 3 September 1966

Black and Red: Class Struggle Road to Negro Freedom, 4 September 1966

Genesis of Pabloism, 1972

Revolutionary Work in the American Labor Movement: 1920s–1950s, June-September 1973

Spartacist Trade Union Work in the 1970s: Selected Readings

The Stalin School of Falsification Revisited, June–October 1973

The Birth of the Zionist State: A Marxist Analysis, 1973–74

On the United Front Question, 1974

Theses on Ireland, 9 September 1977

Lenin and the Vanguard Party , 1977–78

For more, see the Marxist Archives section of this website.

IBT critique of International Communist League/Spartacists (ICL/SL)

Whatever Happened to the Spartacist League?, 2005

ICL vs. IBT, Trotskyist Bulletin No.5, 2003

Marxism & the Quebec National Question, Trotskyist Bulletin No.7, 1999/2013

On the Logan Show Trial, 2008

In Defense of (Seymour’s) Marxism: Exposing the ‘Theoretical Framework’ of ICL’s Neo-Pabloist Turn, 2018

From Trotskyism to Neo-Pabloism: ICL Breaks with Leninism on the National Question, 2018

Stop the Liquidation of the Trade Union Work, 1983

The Road to Jimstown: Bulletin of the External Tendency of the iSt, No.4, 1985

ICL website

IBT critique of League for the Fourth International/Internationalist Group (LFI/IG)

Polemics with the IG, Trotskyist Bulletin No.6, 1999

LFI website

IBT critique of Bolshevik Tendency (BT)

The BT split from the IBT in October 2018. Our record of this split and subsequent polemics are available here:

Russian Imperialism & Other Disputes

BT website