1917 No.46 (2023)

International Bolshevik Tendency

1917 : Journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency–  No.46 (2023)


Capitalist Necrosis & Right-Wing Populism

Marxism & Indigenous Peoples
The Canadian struggle

Imperialist Hypocrisy in the Pacific
Hands off Solomon Islands! Defend China!

Reforms are not ‘Enough’!
Capitalism, crisis & the king

Neither Macron nor Le Pen!
Poisoned choice in French presidential election

State-Sponsored Transphobia
Reactionary rampage in America

Trans Equality & the Working Class
For a revolutionary orientation!

Women in the Trade Unions
Unite against prejudice & oppression!

May Day: Oppose Imperialist War

In Brief
Selections from social media