Marxist Archive

Spartacist materials on race and the national question

Leninism & the National Question

The National Question in the Marxist Movement, 1848–1914 (1976)

Lenin vs. Luxemburg on the National Question (1977)


The Birth of the Zionist State: A Marxist Analysis (1973–74)

Palestinian Nationalism … From ‘People’s War’ to the ‘Mini-State’ (December 1974)

‘Arab–Israeli Question’: Draft letter to comrade Samarakkody by Samuels (12 August 1974)


Theses on Ireland (9 September 1977)

Workers Must Crush Sectarian Terror: British Troops out of Northern Ireland (6 May 1977)


Cyprus Fiasco Topples Greek Junta (2 August 1974)

Race in the United States

For Black Trotskyism
By James Robertson and Shirley Stoute, 3 July 1963, from SWP Discussion Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 30, republished in Marxist Bulletin No. 5

Black and Red: Class Struggle Road to Negro Freedom
The general line of this document was unanimously adopted by the Founding Conference of the Spartacist League, 4 September 1966.

What Strategy for Black Liberation? Trotskyism vs. Black Nationalism (Marxist Bulletin No.5, revised edition)
Spartacist League pamphlet, containing documents from 1955–78

The Fight to Implement Busing: For Labor/Black Defence to Stop Racist Attacks and to Smash Fascist Threats
Spartacist Youth League pamphlet, 1975