1917 No.37 (2015)

International Bolshevik Tendency

1917 : Journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency–  No.37 (2015)

Ukraine, Russia & the Struggle for Eurasia
Tectonic Shifts in Global Politics

Confronting a World in Turmoil
Seventh International Conference of the IBT

Unity, Class, Program

Managing the Greek Crisis
Syriza & the Dangers of Popular Frontism

No payment! No meters! Abolish the water charges!
Irish working class organise to fight back

Scotland’s Independence Referendum
Austerity, nationalism & class collaboration

Spartacist Confusionists & the Scottish Referendum
SL & IG flounder on Scotland and Quebec

Spartacists Repudiate Class-Struggle Caucuses
Belated rationalization for abandonment of trade-union work

Adrian Blakelock: 1948-2014

Down with Racist Police Terror!
From Ferguson to New York – Jail the Killer Cops!

Platypus & the Maoists
Revolutionary Thought & Practice

UPP Banned in South Korea
Down with the National Security Law! Defend Democratic Rights!

Down with Zionist Terrorism! Defend the Palestinians!
For International Labor Action against Israeli Apartheid!