International Bolshevik Tendency: Who We Are


We stand for a working-class revolution to overthrow capitalism on a global scale. Our vision is a world without hunger, war and oppression, in which all human beings may develop their full potential while protecting the environment on which we depend.

We take our inspiration from the 1917 Russian Revolution, the only time the working class has succeeded in taking power. Red October demonstrated the need for a disciplined party of revolutionaries committed to a clear Marxist program and for independent political action by the working class, as opposed to coalitions with bourgeois parties (popular fronts).

Despite Stalinist degeneration, we defended the Soviet Union against internal and external capitalist threats until its destruction in August 1991, while advocating political revolution to replace the bureaucracy with workers’ power. The same applies to the “deformed workers’ states” of China, Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea today.

Trotsky’s principled fight against Stalinism led in 1938 to the founding of the Fourth International, which was soon destroyed by a political current (Pabloism) that sought to replace the struggle for a mass vanguard party with pressuring Stalinists, social democrats and bourgeois nationalists to the left—an orientation promoted by most groups claiming to be Trotskyist today.

We fight oppression in all its forms, whether based on race, nationality, gender, sexuality, age, health or ability. We reject ideologies that advocate political unity across classes such as nationalism and feminism, though we may work with people from these traditions in actions that benefit the oppressed. We defend the right of nations to self-determination and side militarily with neocolonial forces attacked by imperialism.

In strikes, demonstrations and united-front actions, we are on the side of the oppressed, advancing a program for workers’ power. The greatest obstacle to socialist revolution is the misleadership of the working class: reformists, anarchists and centrists who wittingly or unwittingly defend the existing order.

The IBT is a small organization with big ambitions. We seek to advance a program that will not only recruit individuals but act as a catalyst for realignments within existing organizations, create new ones through principled fusion and ultimately reforge the Fourth International, world party of socialist revolution.



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Marx Engels
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