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From:  "Socialist Party" <>
Date:  Wed Aug 6, 2003  6:28 pm
Subject:  August 2003 EC Minutes

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ON 26TH JULY 2003 AT 3.15PM

Present: S. Easton (Chair), J. Bissett, M. Browne, R. Headicar, D. McLellan,
S. Parker A. Stair, G. Thomas, S. Wigley.

Apologies: J. Carter (family matters)

Minutes recorded by: D. O'Neil (General Secretary)

1. Resignation from the 2003 Executive Committee:

1.1)O'Neil (General Secretary) explained that he had been in recent contact
with cde Carter and, because of recent family events, it was now the case
that she was unable to attend EC meetings. She apologised that she had not
contacted the EC sooner but she had hoped that matters would have resolved
themselves in time, and she would have been able to resume attending

Thomas & Wigley: "We accept with regret Janet Carter's proffered
resignation" Agreed.

1.2) Thomas & Wigley: "Call for nominations to be made in the approved
manner." Agreed.

2. Adoption of the minutes from the July EC meeting:

2.1) Parker & Browne: "Moved to accept the minutes of the meeting of the
July EC meeting." Agreed.

3. Matters arising from the minutes of the July EC meeting:

3.1) Item 3.1 in the July minutes: From the meeting of South London Branch,
2/6/03:"That Comrade Gwynn Thomas be nominated for the post of Party
Auditor - agreed. "That Comrade Howard Moss be nominated for the post of
Party Auditor, subject to his agreement" - Agreed 5 - 0.

Browne & Wigley: "Move members nominated be appointed as Party auditors."
Carried 9-0 (9 members present)

3.2) Item 9.2a Notice of motion in the July minutes: Thomas "The EC thanks
Lancaster Branch for its email of its June 2003 and that in one month's time
I shall move that the EC rescinds its decision of its 8th March meeting to
rename the Activities Sub-Committee the Propaganda Sub-Committee and that
the sub-committee reverts to the name of the Activities Sub-Committee."

Notice of motion seconded by Browne.

Thomas believed that the term propaganda had negative connotations and
believed that the committee should revert back to its previous name:
activities sub-committee.

Motion carried 6-2 (9 members present) Division For: Browne, Headicar,
McLellan, Parker, Stair, Thomas. Against: Bissett, Wigley. Abstention:

3.3) Item 5.5 in the July EC minutes: Advertising in the New
Internationalist as per Resolution passed at this year's Conference: Parker
of the Advertising Dept had contacted the New Internationalist in connection
with this matter. The magazine had got back in contact with us and informed
us of the following rates for advertising in the magazine:

A quarter page advert would cost us 600. This advert can be
either black and white or in colour, and the advert can appear at any time.

Leaflet insert would cost us 75 per thousand. The minimum amount
of copies stipulated for carrying such an insert is 20000. Therefore, such
an insert would cost a minimum of 1500. If it was the case that we wanted
to opt for an insert, we couldn't go ahead with such an insert for at least
six months. We would have to contact them in September to find out what
their schedule is for particular themed issues. It would be preferable to
put such an insert in an issue on 'anti-capitalism', for example. The
current UK circulation of the New Internationalist is 45000, and there was a
further circulation of 8 - 10000 for the rest of the world.

It was pointed out that we were specifically bound by the Conference
resolution itself, and that the Advertising Dept would have to opt for the
quarter page advert.[1]

Wigley & McLellan: "That we take the quarter page advert and we refer it to
the Advertising Dept for a suitable advert." Carried 9-0 (9 members present)

3.4) Item 6.1 in the June EC minutes: Hard Copy of Conference Resolutions
and Party Polls: Wigley had not been in attendance at the July EC meeting so
wished to speak on this matter now. He informed the EC that he would be able
to produce a hard copy of Conference Resolutions if and when the Party
wanted it. He explained that it would only take him two to three days to
knock a presentable hard copy version into shape. Thomas asked how far the
Conference Resolutions and Party Polls went back? Wigley explained that they
dated back to 1932. There was a simple explanation for why they only started
in 1932; prior to 1932 it appears that the minutes and Conference reports
were handwritten. He further explained that when he was previously Head
Office Organiser in 1999 he had undertaken to transcribe the handwritten
Conference Resolutions and Party Polls from 1904 onwards but such a job is
very time consuming. Thomas pointed out that when the hard copy is produced,
appended on the end should be a note to explain that some documents are
missing. When he previously was doing research on the Party during the First
World War, he noted that the bound volume of the 1916 EC minutes were
missing. He had made enquiries about this to both cdes Perrin and Coleman,
and they both confirmed that they also had never seen these minutes when
they were doing research on early Party history.

It was agreed that a notice be appended to the end of these minutes to ask
if any Party members have copies of these minutes.

It was also agreed that cde Wigley go ahead with producing the hard copy of
the Conference Resolutions and Party Polls.

3.5) Item 5.6 in the July EC minutes: Party Rule book on the Website[2]:
Wigley explained that the updated Party Rule book was now available for the
Internet Dept to put on the Website when they so wish. It was also the case
that when the hard copy was produced, if and when it was converted into
html[3], it could also be put on the Party website.

Wigley & Browne: "This EC resolves: 1)Since the rulebook is already in
electronic format, the Internet Dept should be asked to post it on the
Socialist Party of Great Britain website as soon as possible.2) As soon as
the hardcopy of Conference Resolutions and Party Polls is fully
electronically prepared, it should be sent to the Internet Dept for
treatment as above." Carried 9-0 (9members present)

3.6) Status of the September 2002 minutes, Autumn Delegate Meeting 2002 and
the second half of the Annual Conference 2003 Report. Still being written
up. Noted.

4. Emergency Business:

4.1a) Oleg Vernik and the 'World Socialist Party of Ukraine': O'Neil
(General Secretary) circulated the following documents/emails relating to
this business to the EC: 1) Email from Vasya Petrov of GPRC, dated 22/07/03,
to Adam Buick and the Head Office email address, regarding "Potemkin
Villages in Kiev". 2) Email from A. Buick, dated 25/07/03, (West London
Branch) regarding the Ukraine business to the EC. 3) Email from D. O'Neil
(General Secretary), dated 25/07/03, regarding the Ukraine business to
SPINTCOM/SPOPEN and the Companion Parties and Groups. 4) Email from J.
Thompson, dated 26/07/03, of the Socialist Party of Canada (General
Secretary of the Canadian Party, but writing in a personal capacity.
regarding the Ukrainian business.) 5) Email from D. O'Neil, dated 26/07/03,
in reply to J. Thompson and the points he raised in his email.[4]

O'Neil, the General Secretary, gave a verbal report which outlined a
chronological account of how we had first came into possession of
information that suggested that the Ukrainian group[5] were in fact a
Trotskyist group connected to the CWI[6] which had perpetrated a
sophisticated scam against nine or ten political groups in America and
Western Europe, ranging in politics from De Leonism to Left Communism to
orthodox Trotskyism. Both Head Office and Adam Buick had received an email
from Vasya Petrov of the GPRC[7], entitled 'Potemkin Villages in Kiev' last
Tuesday (22nd July). In this email, Petrov alleged that Oleg Vernik and his
group had conducted an ongoing scam against political groups in the West
dating back to 2000. The bottom line for why they were doing this was to
secure money to fund their group's activity in the Ukraine. Though this
email from Petrov was initially treated with caution, cde Buick forwarded
the email to Spintcom on the 23/07/03. On the 25/07/03, cde Buick, confirmed
via an email addressed to the EC what he felt was proof that it was in fact
the case that we were the victims of a scam by Oleg Vernik and this
Trotskyist group based in the Ukraine. O'Neil also during this time
searched the name Oleg Vernik on the Google Search engine, and found a
photograph of the self same Vernik[8], in which he was described as leader
of the Ukrainain section of the CWI. Vernik was in fact the person who
called himself 'Semyon Shevchenko', and who had visited and addressed our
Annual Conference in 2002 as a fraternal delegate from the 'World Socialist
Party of the Ukraine.'

During this time, O'Neil also circulated the email from Petrov to the
Leftist Trainspotters email discussion list, asking members on the list if
they could throw any light on the matter. He received private email
correspondence from Julien Vandermissen , a member of the Belgium section of
the CWI. Vandermissen confirmed that it was Oleg Vernik in the photograph
and promised to contact the CWI leadership on this matter.[9] O'Neil also
corresponded with John Carmaro, an ex-member of the CWI (and now a political
opponent of the CWI), who suggested that this was a scam that may have also
involved members of the Russian section of the CWI and the CWI full timer in
the region, Rob Jones.

O'Neil also contacted two of the other organisations mentioned in the
original email who were seemingly also conned. The first group he contacted
were the Trotskyist group, Alliance for Workers Liberty. He spoke to Mark
Osborn of that organisation, and he has since learnt that the AWL sent a few
hundred dollars to their 'Ukrainian section'[10] for translation work. He
also telephoned Charmaine Skelton of the Ashbourne Court Group to explain
that in all probability they were always victims of the same scam from the
same group. He had sent to her and other members of that group, via email,
the information he had to hand at the time regarding the Ukrainian group.

When this matter was opened up for discussion, Thomas said that the Party
should not beat itself up too much over this business; not only were we
taken in by the Ukrainian delegate when he came over and addressed our
Conference, but it appears Immigration Officials were also taken in. Wigley
agreed that the Party should not blame itself too much over this matter but
at the same time the Party had to learn the lesson that it could not operate
beyond its size and structure. He hoped the Party would take this on board
when delegates met at ADM to discuss the matter of the WSM. We have to
recognise that the Party exists primarily in London and a few other big
cities. Headicar acknowledged that this was obviously a blow for the Party,
especially coming so soon after the Sarkar business. Such problems will
unfortunately arise but we do have to still operate on a basis of trust
within the socialist movement and rely on our judgement. However, he did
feel that there must be another way of dealing when individuals and/or
groups contact us to say that they are forming a Party overseas. There
should be a timescale in place in proving their independence from our Party.
O'Neil felt there was a need for a full statement within the pages of the
Socialist Standard and on the Website explaining what has happened in the
Ukraine. We also need to find out how much money we sent to this fictitious
Ukrainian group, and how much we spent in total relating to the whole
Ukrainian business. We also need to find out if the CWI itself was involved
in this scam. He was also of the opinion that there should be a statement on
the World Socialist Party (India) business within the pages of the Socialist
Standard at the same time. Parker disagreed with the comments of the last
speaker. He believed we should be minimising the language of internal
differences within the pages of the Socialist Standard, and maximising the
case for socialism. McLellan agreed with cde O'Neil that there was a need
for a statement on this matter within the pages of the Socialist Standard.
Easton was of the opinion that different things were being discussed here.
The Indian Party are obviously sincere in what they choose to do, whereas
the Ukraine business is different; it was a scam. He wondered if the
Ukrainian group's motivation was purely financial gain, or was it the case
that mischief was also a motivating factor. He agrees with cde Parker that
the pages of the Socialist Standard should not be filled up with lots of
pages on this business but he did feel there was a need for a statement on
the matter of some nature. Browne was of the opinion that we should not do
too much too soon on this matter. He suggested that the General Secretary be
instructed to prepare a report on this business for next month's EC meeting.
Only then do we commit ourselves on the matter. We could also forward that
report to delegates at the forthcoming ADM. Bissett defended the suggestion
of fully disclosing this matter within the pages of the Socialist Standard.
Apart from anything else it will be a warning to any other individual or
group which may in the future consider trying to con us that we will expose
them within the pages of the Socialist Standard. O'Neil replied to Cde
Browne's suggestion that we should defer this matter a month before we take
a decision on the matter by pointing out that this whole business had
unravelled via the internet in a matter of four or five days and if we put
matters off a month events will perhaps overtake us. It was us who exposed
this scam, and we shouldn't lose the initiative now. As well as a statement
appearing in the pages of the Socialist Standard, the statement should also
appear on the website as soon as possible. This is what we did previously
when we published our response to the attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 a
couple of days after the event on our Website, and the Party leaflet we put
out on the Firefighters Strike late last year on the website which later
appeared in the Socialist Standard.

Wigley & Thomas: "That this Executive Committee instructs the Editorial
Committee to publish an article explaining the recent problems with the
Ukrainian Party as soon as possible on the internet, and in next month's
Socialist Standard."

Parker & Browne: "Moved amendment to replace "article" with "statement".
Amendment carried 8-0 (9 members present)

Wigley & McLellan: "Moved amendment to delete "internet" and replace it with
"Party website"." Amendment carried 9-0 ( 9 members present)

Substantive motion: "That this Executive Committee instructs the Editorial
Committee to publish a statement explaining the recent problems with the
Ukrainian Party as soon as possible on the Party website, and in next moth's
Socialist Standard." Substantive motion carried 9-0 (9 members present)

4.1b) NOTICE OF BUSINESS: Wigley put forward the following Notice of
Business for the September EC meeting: "That we consider in detail the
implications of our recent problems in international organisation for the
future operations of our Party overseas."

4.2) Premises Dept [Cde Stair asked that this item be taken now because he
had to leave the EC meeting early. This was agreed.]

4.2a) Stair explained that as most EC members present today will notice,
there has been substantial work done in recent weeks in both decorating Head
Office and also repairing parts of the building. A Party member, Roy Beat,
was being employed to do the work necessary at 250 a week. It was also the
case that Premises Dept was bringing in the services of a carpenter to
repair the office doors where the panels have been previously smashed; the
wooden steps leading down into the basement; and to replace the inner front
door at Head Office because the current inner door's bottom pane of glass
was cracked and the door was now unsafe. He asked that the EC approve the
expenditure currently being undertaken on Premises work and to sanction
further work on Head Office. Wigley supported the proposals put forward by
cde Stair on the current premises work. It may appear to be a large
financial outlay on the part of the Party but we have to recognise that the
work undertaken now is work that should have been done in the past ten
years. The Party is now spending a Premises Dept budget that it should have
been spending in the last ten or fifteen years. He also pointed out that cde
Lambert is also in the process of sorting out the plastering work for the
Head Office toilets.

Wigley & Stair: "That: a) the work already done and reported by the Premises
Committee be approved; b) we approve the employment of a carpenter for one
week at 250 a week; c) we approve the continual employment of a decorator
for up to three weeks at 250 a week.

Motion carried 9-0 (9 members present)

4.3) Publications Dept

4.3a) 'Are We Prisoners of Our Genes' pamphlet: Publications Dept had
contacted Anglia Dept for a quote for the printing of this forthcoming
pamphlet. The Dept had received two quotes - at varying print runs - for two
different formats for the pamphlet:

Colour cover stapled booklet print run and price - 1000 print run = 1250;
1500 print run = 1415; 2000 print run = 1480. The stapled cover is in the
usual format for our Party pamphlets.

Colour covered slim book with thicker pages, with the title of the pamphlet
on the spine and a gloss cover - 1000 print run = 1300; 1500 print run =
1490; 2000 print run = 1580. Stair explained that the attraction of a slim
book with a spine style pamphlet is that there would perhaps be more chance
of getting the pamphlet on bookshop shelves.

Thomas asked how many copies we were likely to sell in the next twelve
months? Stair replied that the Advertising Dept are thinking of advertising
the pamphlet in the New Scientist. Bissett agreed with the suggestion of the
higher quality publication. It was the fiftieth anniversary of the discovery
of the structure of DNA. We could tie in our advertising of our pamphlet
with this anniversary.

Wigley & Parker: "That we approve the recommendation of the Publications
Dept, namely, that we publish 2000 copies of the 'Are We Prisoner Our Genes'
pamphlet in slim book format, rather than stapled booklet format, at a cost
of 1580." Motion carried 9-0 (9 members present)

[Cde Stair left the meeting at 5pm.]

4.3b) Price of the 'Are We Prisoners of Our Genes' pamphlet:

Wigley & Browne: "That the cover price be 3."

Wigley pointed out that at that cover price we would have to sell 520 copies
off the print run to cover our printing costs. Thomas was in favour of a
higher cover price because it would mean there would be a better chance of
commercial outlets stocking the Party publication if they thought they were
getting a reasonable cut of proceedings. McLennan was in favour of a 4
cover price, whereas Headicar favoured 3.50. Wigley gave the figures of how
many copies - depending on the cover price - the Party would have to sell to
cover the printing costs: At 5 we would have to sell 316 copies; at 4 we
would have to sell 400 copies; and at 3.50 we would have to sell 450 copies
to cover costs.

Parker & Headicar: "Moved amendment to delete "3" and insert "3.50"".
Amendment carried 6-1 (8 members present)

Substantive motion carried 7-1 (8 members present)

5. Accounts:

5.1a) Accounts for May and June were circulated. Parker noted that once
again both months indicate that the Party outflow far outstrips its income.
If one takes out donations and legacies from the equation, it is obvious
that Party members are not contributing enough money.

5.1b) Browne & Easton: "Moved that the Accounts for both May and June be
agreed." Motion carried 8-0 ( 8 members present)

6. Forms A:

6.1) A. Johnstone (Edinburgh Branch): ex-member rejoining. Agreed to accept.

6.2) R. Botterill (Central London Branch): contact through reading the
Socialist Standard. Agreed to accept.

7. Reports and correspondence from Depts and Sub-Committees:

7.1) Publications Dept - Anton Pannekoek's 'Marxism and Darwinism': Bissett
of the Publications Dept was proposing that this pamphlet by Pannekoek be
reprinted by the Party with an introduction especially written by a Party
member. [This introduction had already been written.] This pamphlet would be
produced in the same fashion as the reprint last year by North East Branch
of John Keracher's 'How the Gods were Made'; on the Party photocopier on

Wigley & Bissett: "Agreed that the pamphlet with introduction be produced as
suggested (namely, photocopied as required at Head Office), and that the
price be 1." Motion carried 8-0 ( 8 members present)

7.2) Campaigns Dept - 'Capitalism? No Thanks!' anti-business cards had been
printed[11] and were now available from Head Office on request. These cards
were innovative way of advertising the website. [See

7.3) Health and Safety at Head Office: Bissett, who was fully trained up as
a Health and Safety rep had produced a seven page Health and Safety
statement policy[12] which was set out to ensure that the Party brings: " .
. .its general policy on Health & Safety as well as the organisation and
arrangements for carrying out that policy to the notice of all employees
(paid or voluntary), members and other users of its premises."

Thomas asked how many qualified first aiders is the Party supposed to have
on the Premises when, for example, there is a Conference or ADM? Bissett
replied two first aiders.

Thomas, taking note of 4.37 in the Health and Safety statement[13],
suggested the following small addendum as 4.37a in the statement: "All
employees and members shall operate all plant, machinery and equipment in
accordance with the manufacturer's instructions." Agreed.

Bissett had already produced an eight page risk assessment of Head Office,
which he hoped to submit to the next EC meeting.

Wigley & Thomas: "Move that we adopt the safety policy as amended." Motion
carried 8-0 (8 members present)

8. Correspondence from Branches, Groups and individual members:

8.1) Central London Branch resolution from its meeting of the 23/7/3:"This
Branch recommends the EC to set up an organising committee to prepare for
one or more international meetings to propagate socialist ideas as part of
the 2004 centenary of the Party and the Socialist Standard." Carried 4-0, 1
abstention (5 members present)

Parker explained that this resolution from his Branch arose out of the
meeting on the last day of Summer School, where about twenty members stayed
behind to discuss various possible themes for next year's Summer School
which could tie in with the hundredth anniversary of the founding of the
Party. He was prepared to volunteer to be on such an organising committee
if it was to be set up by the EC. Bissett mentioned that the in the last
couple of years there have been a couple of motions that had went to various
Conferences to have such an International style Conference, where we would
invite delegates from overseas, and it has been voted down both times. Also,
in light of recent events in the Ukraine and India, there will probably even
less enthusiasm for such an idea for a Conference. Thomas agreed that the
Party has had its fingers burnt on overseas matters in the last 12 months,
but he still didn't feel we should cut off members overseas from the
hundredth anniversary celebration. O'Neil (General Secretary) asked if it
was the case that the EC had to reach a decision on the matter now? ADM was
not that far away and perhaps it was the case that Branch delegates should
decide on this matter. Headicar agreed that it was important that we get a
sense from the wider Party of what we should do next on this matter. Perhaps
we could leave this matter until ADM, for the delegates to discuss. Browne
pointed out that we still have a longstanding commitment to inviting two
fraternal delegates from the World of Free Access (Gambia) to attend a Party
event in Britain.[14]

Wigley & Browne: "That this EC feels that the recommendation should be
deferred until more information is available on the feasibility of such a
meeting." Motion carried 4-2 (8 members present)

8.2) Minutes of the World of Free Access (Gambia), dated 4/4/03: Browne
asked if it was perhaps about time that the World of Free Access (Gambia)
were recognised as a companion group within the WSM, or would that be
premature? Headicar complimented them on their minutes and how they conduct
themselves. Noted.

8.3a) Email correspondence from B. Musemwa re: reimbursement for payment to
Dinha and Associates: The General Secretary circulated to the EC four pieces
of correspondence received from cde Musemwa relating to the request of
reimbursement for payment to the lawyers, Dinha and Associates: 1) Email
from B. Musemwa to General Secretary dated 4th July 2003; 2) Email from cde
Musemwa to General Secretary and Overseas Group Secretary, dated 8th July
2003; 3) Copy of a letter from R. Cox [ex - Overseas Group Secretary] to B.
Musemwa dated October 1999; 4) Copy of a letter from R. Cox to B. Musemwa
dated 8th March 2001.

Thomas reading from the original letter of October 1999 could understand how
there could have perhaps been some misunderstanding on how much the Party
could do for comrades in Africa. It did give the impression of us being a
much bigger organisation with more physical and financial resources than we
actually have. If such a letter came before the EC today, he would urge that
it be sent back for redrafting. He felt that the EC had done all it could on
this matter. Parker agreed with the previous speaker and felt that we should
note this correspondence and take no further action on this matter.

McLellan & Parker: "We note the correspondence." Motion carried 5-3 Division
For: Bissett, Browne, McLellan, Parker, Thomas. Against: Easton, Headicar,

[There was some confusion at the EC table over the vote just taken and there
was a call for a revote on the motion.]

Revote on the motion: "We note the correspondence." Motion lost 4-4 Division
For: Browne, McLellan, Parker, Thomas. Against: Bissett, Easton, Headicar,

8.3b) Wigley & Browne: "That the EC's previous decision on the matter
concerned stand." Motion carried 8-0 (8 members present)[15]

9. Forms E

9.1) Glastonbury 2003 - O'Neil explained that there was going to be a report
on the Party's stall at Glastonbury in time for this month's EC meeting, but
the revelations from the Ukraine in the last few days had meant that he had
not had time produce such a report. He promised that a report on the Party
stall at Glastonbury would be produced for the September EC meeting. Noted
nothing to hand.

10. Correspondence from Companion Parties and Groups:

10.1) WSP (NZ) minutes of the 12/06/03. Noted.

11. Outside Correspondence:

11.1A) Email from B. Sarkar of the WSP (India) to V. Vanni (Glasgow Branch
of the Socialist Party), dated 20/7/3: O'Neil (General Secretary) explained
that despite this correspondence not being addressed to the EC itself, he
had placed it on the Provisional Agenda because Mr Sarkar had chosen to
circulate this reply, to private and personal correspondence from V. Vanni,
to all the email addresses in his address book. He felt it was important to
place this on the Agenda because Mr Sarkar, General Secretary of the World
Socialist Party (India), had still to reply to our Party's reply to the WSP
(India)'s document in which they outlined their reasons for disaffiliating
from us. He had written to Mr Sarkar again, asking if the Indian Party would
be replying at some point to our document, and he had yet to receive any
reply from Mr Sarkar.[16]

11.1b) Wigley & Bissett: "This EC notes: 1) The erroneous and offensive
nature of the correspondence to cde Vanni. 2) That this EC is still awaiting
its own reply from Binay Sarkar regarding its reply to Binay Sarkar's
previous allegations."

When this motion was opened up for discussion some EC members expressed the
view that the main emphasis of the email should be in asking Mr Sarkar of
the World Socialist Party of India why he has yet to reply to our rebuttal
of the serious allegations he made against members of our Party in a
previous document.

Browne & McLellan: "Moved an amendment to the original motion so that point
two in the motion would now be point one, and point one would be point two."
Amendment carried 6-2 (8 members present)

Amended motion now reads: "This EC notes: 1) That this EC is still awaiting
its own reply from Binay Sarkar regarding its reply to Binay Sarkar's
previous allegations.2) The erroneous and offensive nature of the
correspondence to cde Vanni;." Substantive motion carried 6-2 (8 members

12. Any other business:

12.1) Dates of the EC meetings for the rest of the year: September EC
meeting - 6th September. October EC meeting - 4th October. November EC
meeting - 8th November. December EC meeting - 6th December.

These dates for EC meetings for the rest of the year were agreed.

12.2) Party Officer and Dept reports for ADM - It was agreed that Standing
Orders would put out a call to Party Officers and Dept Reports for their
reports for ADM.

Chair of the next EC meeting: D. McLellan

Meeting adjourned at 6.40pm.



As noted in the minutes of this EC meeting, we currently do not have a copy
of the 1916 EC minutes. If any members can throw any light on these missing
minutes, can they please contact Head Office.

issued 5th August 2003 on the Internet

Statements are currently circulating on the web regarding the Ukrainian
section of the CWI. These include the allegation that members of the
Ukrainian section of the CWI have made approaches to other organisations in
order to obtain finances on a dubious and false premise.

Neither the International Secretariat or the International Executive
Committee of the CWI nor the leadership of the CIS section of the CWI knew
about this alleged activity. Such dishonest methods of obtaining finances is
neither condoned nor supported by the CWI and its leadership. The CWI is
proud of its principled political approach on political and organisational
questions. The finances of the CWI and its sections are raised from the
international working class and youth including the tremendous
self-sacrifice of our membership.

The CWI is totally opposed to the methods alleged to have been used by the
leadership of the Ukrainian section and regard them as serious charges. The
CWI has therefore suspended the Ukrainian National Committee and the Kiev
City Committee pending the results of an investigation which is now being
organised by the CWI. Following the conclusion of such an investigation all
appropriate action will be taken.


[1] Annual Conference 2003 Motion 6: "This Conference authorises the
expenditure of up to 800 to either insert a leaflet detailing Party
Literature in 10,000 copies of New Internationalist or taking a quarter page
advertisement in the same journal." (Carried - For 68, Against 16)

[2] Annual Conference 2003 Motion 7: "This Conference instructs the EC to:
1)Place and keep an up-to-date version of the Party rule book on the Party
web site in a suitable format, 2) Prepare, place and keep a display of
substantive motions carried by Conference, party poll or general meetings of
the Party, on the same, where it is practicable to recover them from the
records." (Carried - For 96, Against 6).

[3] Hypertext Markup Language

[4] These emails and others relating to the Ukrainian business are available
on request from Head Office, but are also already available in the archive
section of both and, the two
Party email lists.

[5] The Ukrainian group had contacted us initially in 2000 saying that they
were a grouping called the 'International Young Workers' which had came out
of student radical politics in Kiev and, through reading our material on the
internet, had reached political positions similar to our own. This grouping
are in fact 'Workers Resistance' (Robitnychiy Sprotiv, RS) - the section of
CWI (Taafite "Militant"), and their leader is Oleg Vernik who passed himself
off as 'Semyon Shevchenko' when he visited Britain in February and March
2002 as a supposed fraternal observer from the 'World Socialist Party of the

[6]CWI is the acronym for the 'Committee for a Workers International'. The
British section and the dominant section within the International itself is
the group formerly known as the Militant Tendency, and now known as the
Socialist Party of England and Wales (SPEW). An orthodox Trotskyist grouping
which were formerly deep entrist within the Labour Party from the late 1950s
up until their wholesale expulsion from the Labour Party in the early 1990s,
and are led by Peter Taafe. (Hence they are sometimes known as the

[7] The GPRC are the 'Group of Proletarian Revolutionaries Collectivists', a
group based in Russia. Their politics could best be described as 'Left

[8] The picture of Oleg Vernik/ 'Semyon Shevchenko' is on the following web

[9] Since the EC meeting of the 26th, Julien Vandermissen has since sent the
following email, dated 31/07/03, to Darren O'Neil: "Comrade,
Just a few quick replies. I won't go into the history of the name debate in
Britian in which I was not involved. That also shouldn't be a point in
resolving the scale of Ukranian scandal. On the so called split in te
Ukranian group they are talking about 1 former member with a history of
mental illness. Rob Jones didn't know anything about the whole scam, he
needs to get a visa to get in the Ukraine and the Kiev group had been very
strict in not telling anyone outside Kiev. We don't have the money for a
regional fulltimer and the only money ever transfered to the Ukranian group
was money collected by our Russians.The CWI will produce a statement this
week on the suspension of the whole Ukranian section. An international CWI
inquiry commission will be set up to visit the Ukraine. The CWI was
informed of this through your e-mail correspondence. They immediately
contacted Oleg last saturday morning. Oleg denied everything but then had an
emergency meeting of the Kiev leadership and after that he admitted
everything. They will be informed today or tomorrow that the whole Ukranian
group is suspended untill we know the scale of this scandal in the Ukranian
group (about 60-65 members). Oleg admitted having raised about 2,000 dollar
in this way. Money that was used for political work for the local CWI group.
That is a scandal and even just the inquiry commission will cost us more
than that.

Comradely, Julien" [Spelling in the original.]

[10] Ukrainian Workers Tendency

[11] See 4.2 in the minutes of the 10th EC meeting of 2003. (14th June

[12] Available on request from Head Office.

[13] All employees and members may make suggestions to improve health,
safety and welfare within Head Office.

[14] See 7.2 in the minutes of the 7th meeting of the 2003 EC, held on the
5th April: Browne & Headicar: "That the intending visitors be invited to
attend Summer School 2004." Carried 7-0 (7 members present)

[15] Item 3.6 in the minutes of the 9th EC meeting of 2003 held on the 31st
May: Wigley & Thomas: "That the decision of the May EC stand. Namely, that
payment to Dinha and Associates will not be made as a personal payment but
only by a cheque made payable to Dinha and Associates."Motion carried 3-1
Division For: Bissett, Thomas, Wigley. Against: Browne Abstention:

Wigley &Thomas: "In light of Cde Musemwa's security considerations, this
cheque should be a personal cheque from a Party member; sent after suitable
confirmation from cde Musemwa as to the dorm of cheque acceptable to Dinha
and Associates; and that the Party member sending the cheque will be
refunded immediately from Party funds." Motion carried 4-1 (6 members

[16] The General Secretary had emailed the Indian Party on both the 10th
May 2003 and the 24th June 2003. We have yet to receive a reply to our
rebuttal or even an acknowledgement of our emails to them.

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