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From: tris
Date: Thu Nov 18 19:06:32 1999

Congratulations. The page is well done and has good information at hand. Let's hope that for the new millenium people will realise that human rights is deserved for everyone and everything.

From: Ali Sneyba (
Date: Fri Nov 19 19:33:05 1999


Good Job I wish you great success with your new site but I hope that it will not become like many other message boards just a few participants taking part but will draw many nationalities to its glowing light

From: Charlene (
Date: Mon Nov 22 20:59:56 1999


Hi, just wanted to say that this site is really good. I know have more insight on my rights as a human living in this world, you've made me acknowledge my rights and responsibilities in this world. I trully hope this site goes far, and I will try and get some friends to check this website out!

From: s.korean
Date: Sun Nov 28 17:03:54 1999

BU help

Thanks for the fine guide of BU usage by this site's web-host.

From: Dominic
Date: Mon Dec 27 00:47:05 1999


I am very happy to see this web site and I wish everyone the best from France.
I hope this will be a meeting place for ordinary people who are seeking a better world.
Please continue your work, I will be looking for other people in the chat BetweenUs as I would like to discuss the Green Charter with anyone else who is interested.
Best wishes,

From: Stormie (
Date: Tue Jan 25 15:42:34 2000

Great points on human rights and prisoners!

I really like your points on human rights! Besides being involved in anti-NATO activism, I am also involved in human rights for prisoners, both in Florida and the US as a whole.
The families of prisoners are also the forgotten victims in crime.
Criminal offenders are human beings and must be treated as such!

From: chris (
Date: Sun Feb 6 14:25:48 2000

childrens rights and the right to defend ones own liberty

I am very interested in the struggle for liberty by individual peoples against tyranny of any kind; names, history of the struggle, website and e-mail addresses of all groups. Also I am interested in any group working to free children from slavery, sex-shops, forced labor, etc..

I am very glad to have received your e-mail. Keep up the good work.

From: Tutu (
Date: Fri Feb 25 04:07:18 2000


Good web site - Great information. Keep it up!

For those of you interested in conspiracy theories, free speech, whistleblowing, etc would find the following site useful:


From: The Halcyon (
Date: Fri Feb 25 18:23:14 2000

The Halcyon Cosmopolitan Entertainment

Just great! We'll link to you. Sincerely,

From: Engr. Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe (
Date: Fri Feb 25 20:41:56 2000

This is a good work

I congratulate those who began this masterpiece. will become a meeting point of the lovers of Africa
Eng. Obadiah O.Alegbe

From: LO (
Date: Wed Mar 8 05:03:40 2000

Your web page

It takes very long time to download your web page. And I cannot read all the inner pages in Chinese!

From: Anu (
Date: Wed Mar 15 08:21:24 2000


Very informative site. This is my 1st visit. Want info re: trial of the Libyans in Holland. Peace !

From: Wondimu Mekonnen (
Date: Sat Mar 18 18:38:29 2000

Human Rights Issue

Thanks for the great job on Human Right in The Sudan. The Sudanese are trying to get rid off all the persecuted refugees from the neighbouring countries such as mine, Ethiopia, at the same time they are the main abusers of Human Rights in their own countries. Somebody should tell the truth to the World. You have done a good job.


From: Evening Rain Calling Crow (
Date: Sat Mar 18 21:50:37 2000

This is a good resource for human rights!

Wado (thank you) for providing this valuable resource for all....human rights is long overdue - only when the suffering of the world's people ends will there be true equality for all. We are all connected, we are all of one race - human.

Bless you!

From: Dr. Femi Ajayi (
Date: Tue Mar 21 06:07:31 2000


Congratulations on the job well done. Keep the flag
flying. Use the site for the dispensation of positive
images of Nigeria. BBC programs should reflect the
unity and peaceful relationships in Nigeria.

From: José Gil de Almeida (
Date: Sun Apr 2 14:24:30 2000

Site Mathaba

Parabéns a todos os companheiros que mantem este site da Mathaba. Os combatentes pela liberdade em todo o mundo necessitavam de um canal de informações independente, livre e soberano.
Aproveito para convidar a todos para visitar nosso site no Brasil:

Saudações revolucionárias

José Gil de Almeida
Curitiba - Paraná Brazil

From: mark wood (
Date: Tue Apr 11 00:05:44 2000

Nice URL you have here

This is one of the best sites of its type I have seen, very clear and informative. Its must be a lot of work to keep a site updated as well as mathaba, so once again thanks for all the effort you all put in.

From: Bob Long (
Date: Tue Apr 11 07:50:35 2000

Hard to read text.

The yellow on dark green background (this was the way it came out on my computer) was very difficult to read. I gave up trying to read it. Consider black printing on a light green pastel background.The ideas are the important matter, not flashy colors.

Date: Tue Apr 11 19:56:58 2000

Visitor/United States

Just a few words to indicated I visited and found the site very informative. Keep up the good work.

From: Per Rasmussen (
Date: Sat Apr 15 02:45:08 2000

Great work!

"One has to have a great dose of humanity, a great dose of the feeling of justice and of truth not to fall into extreme dogmatism, into a cold scholasticism, into isolation from the masses. Every day one has to struggle that this love to a living humanity transform itself into concrete acts, in acts that serve as examples, as motivation."
Ernesto Che Guevara


yours in solidarity
Per Rasmussen

From: Julie-ann Davies (
Date: Wed May 17 23:19:32 2000


Good well designed site, with interesting content!
All good wishes

From: N. Eaisha (
Date: Wed May 24 22:55:30 2000

Compliments !

Well, finally got here ! And I think I'm going to like it.... "opinion poll" on Libya as far back as the Fletcher case in Britain ('84) plus the NEWS at the top continually changing.
You'll definitely be on my FAVOURITES. P-l-e-a-s-e don't disappear on me !!! Shukran & lots of luck

From: Naseeb (
Date: Wed Jun 28 21:04:13 2000

Great Web !! keep it up.

From: Therese Rajaniemi (
Date: Mon Jul 3 00:23:22 2000

Keep on fighting for the good cause!

You're homepage is well designed and keep on fighting for the cause "human rights". I'll visit your homepage several times. I can also tell you that we have your link on our swedish homepage.

Best wishes
Therese Rajaniemi
for justice-equality-solidarity

From: N. Eaisha Pressimone (
Date: Fri Jul 7 15:15:41 2000

Auguri a Gheddafi

Sia che questo website di MATHABA porta l'entusiamo e l'interresse necessaria per un successo continuo.

In particolare, auguro calorosemente il leader della Giamahiriya che, se non sbaglio, ha fatto un altro anno in piu' di sagezza: un buon compleano Muammar !

Viva la Mathaba l' la Giamahiriya....e viva tutti che possiede la buona volonta` !!!

From: Pastor Clarence Page (
Date: Fri Jul 21 20:55:04 2000

God wants us to love EVERYONE.

I saw your site on Usenet. I'm not exactly sure of all that you are about but I am about God's Will being done. I am a Christian minister. God wants us to love EVERYONE. That is my mission and my dedication. I will always love my country, The United States of America but I will not love ONLY my country. I will allow my love to flow into the lives of people all over the world. Right now I am concerned about Africa.

The following links explain why:

There is one thing we can ALL do together (if we will): OBEY GOD.

Pastor Page

From: David MICHAEL (
Date: Date: Sun Jul 23 15:12:28 2000 (London, UK)

Hello from London

Just dropped by to say hi!

From: naibuka tuitaru (
Date: Thu Jul 27, 2000 (Suva, Fiji)


A good site and up to date with news around the world.Keep it going for the freedom of speech and the indidegenious people around the world.

From: Gareth Davies (
Date: Tue Aug 1, 2000 (Wales)

fight the power

The internet must be a positive force for change, i wish you well

From: fmluder_x (
Date: Mon Aug 7 2000 (USA)


This site has a refreshing nature to it. People hardly realize the effort and time put into a cause such as this.
For Freedom, all lies lead to the truth.


From: Horacio Calderón (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)


As you already know I authored two books about colonel Muammar Al-Qadhafi, printed in Spanish, Arabic, French and English.

I am very happy to see that the Mathaba and other Lybian organisations are using the Internet to promote the thought and ideas of the leader of the Revolution!

With my very good wishes and kindest regards.

Horacio Calderón
"Al-Qadhafi , Jerusalem Operation"
"Al-Qadhafi, the Point Of Departure"
Buenos Aires - Argentina

From: Scottish Separatist Group (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2000 (Scotland)


Like Mathaba because it supports freedom and is against state encroachments on liberty.

Keep up the good work!!!

From: bruce robert ryder (
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 (england)

your site

as a white englishman id like to congratulate you on a well presented site.

keep up the good work and i hope you dont get like the freedom network people trying sabotage it

all the best bruce

From: Kwasi Akyeampong (
Date: Date: Tue Sep 5 18:39:33 2000

Greetings from TheBlackList


Mr. Garvey lives and his legacy endures.
We are appointed to don his mantle and fulfill his his dream of a United States of Africa for Africans even if it is necessary to turn every grain of sand into an INVADER'S sepulcre.

Kwasi Akyeampong

From: Edwin Bollier/ MEBO AG (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 (8004 Zurich/Switzerland)



From:     Rashan Turner (
Date:     Mon Sep 25 2000
Location: US is the best!! This website is important for all black Americans. Keep it up and don't bow down to Big Brother and his spoiled siblings(G-7 countries).

From:     Sealous Scout (
Date:     Fri Sep 29 2000
Location: Iceland
Evil site

Dear Sirs.
You promote very dangerous points of view. You advocate terrorism and the slaughtering of young children.

From:     McBain  B (
Date:     Fri Sep 29 2000
Location: Dominica
Rosvelt Douglas

I am saden at the passing of our late Prime Minister Rosvelt Douglas.I have been conforted to know that he was connected to such an organization.His legacy will live on and his vision will be rebirth in the youth of Dominica.

He transended all the wall of injustice and prejudice to fight for what's right and just.I will miss him.

I am happy I found this site thank you so much for the eye openers.

From:     Genet G.Michal (
Date:     Thu Nov 30 2000
Location: Ethiopian

A very good website to show African problems and naturs. I appriciate your choice because Africa has a ful of information. please continue in your job.


From:     odinga (tigerodinga@hotmail)
Date:     Thu Nov 30 2000
Location: Phila. PA. US

On behalf of the Phila. Chapter of the kwame Ture Institute( )
WE commend you on your site. hw people are greatful. WE also comend you and the "LEADER" on your contribution to the evolutionary Pan-African movement,
Long Live The African Revolution!
Death to imperialism
Death to zionism
death to neo-colonial puppets
death to collaborators

From:     Gatwech  (
Date:     Wed Dec 20 2000
Location: Des Moines, IA, USA
Great looking WEB

Thank you for a great job you have been doing. This site look great. We the African need to come together and put forward the right of each individual. I like the way this site was created and I do believe that most people will find lot of information here.

Keep up good work!

From:     Joe James (
Date:     Sat Feb 10 2001
Location: Bloomsburg, PA USA 
Your Site

You are doing a great job here! Keep on spreading the truth in the news!

From:     Gus Meiklejohn (
Date:     Sun Mar 11 2001
Location: Scotland

It's a wonderful world,your web site brings us closer and closer.Workers of the World Unite. Keep up the good work.

From:     hugh smith (
Date:     Mon Apr 2 2001
Location: Barbados W.I.

To walk blindly is to ignore the possibilities and oppotunities that can exist. Propagada is alive and well, the truth is out there to those who seek it. Keep spreading the truth, thank you.

Date:     Tue Apr 10 2001
One Africa

This is one of the African cool site , Keep the power on also don't forget the other African country like Nigeria and others.

From:     Oleg Vernik and Boris Pastukh (
Date:     Mon Jun 11 2001
Location: Kiev, Ukraine

Congratulations from Ukrainian brothers! The page is excellent! Long live World Revolutionary Committees Movement! We are preparing the summer camp in Crimea for brothers from Lybia, Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia and Moldova.
Our web-site is:

From:     eric cruz arambulo (
Date:     Sun Jul 1 2001
Location: philippines 

hi everybody,
          I'm 28 yrs. old, male, ap physician by profession.
 I'm new in this site and I'm just wondering if Mathaba is a
place in Sudan?  Because if my memory serves me right, My half
sister lives in this place, her name is Hiba Mohammed Ibrahim
about 13-14 yrs old, female.  Her fathers name is Adam Mohammed
Ibrahim, who once worked in Saudi Arabia.  I just wanted to get
in touch with my half sister because its been so long since I
saw her.  I just like to let her know that she has a loving family
here and who misses her very much.  God Bless

From:     Benjamin Grant (
Date:     Sun Jul 1 2001
Location: Canada 
Mathaba rules!
          Finally the African people have a voice outside the grip of American imperialism!
          Long live African Socialism!

From:     Chris Gilmore (
Date:     Tue Jul 3 2001
Location: Canada ( Irish Canadian) 

Greetings from the Unity Party of Canada ( ) comrades!
Qadhafi's assistance and help to the peoples of Irelands great holy struggle shall never be forgotten!

From:     Cayetano Armani (
Date:     Tue Jul 10 2001

Who works for trully democracy in earth ?..
those that always destroyed the freedom of others?
USA and the NATO ??!

Only the union of the opressed people's will take us to the victory !! "7"


This guestbook has been discontinued since June 2001
If resources become available we may reopen in future.