Down with South Korean National Security Law!

Drop the charges!

Eight South Korean leftists are currently facing years in prison for the sole “crime” of identifying with the ideals of socialism. On 3 December, the prosecutor for the Seoul Central District Court demanded terms of five to seven years imprisonment for Oh Sei-chull, Yang Hyo-seok, Yang Joon-seok, Choi Young-ik, Park Joon-seon, Jeong Won-hyun, Oh Min-gyu and Nam-goong Won of the Socialist Workers' League of Korea (SWLK).

These militants are charged under South Korea's 1948 National Security Law (which still imposes the death penalty for “pro-North” activities). The accusations are vague, but their prosecution arises out of involvement in political actions and strikes going back to 2007.

Since the election of President Lee Myong Bak in early 2008 and the smashing of the Ssangyong Motor Co. strike in 2009, there has been a shift to the right, which has involved several (so far unsuccessful) attempts to prosecute SWLK members. A decision on this latest attempt to imprison them will be made on 27 January.

Messages of solidarity and protest letters can be sent to To be forwarded to the court in time they must arrive before Monday 17 January.

Posted: 14 January 2011