Affidavits and statements on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Arnold Beverly's affidavit to the court (8 June 1999), in which he confesses to the killing of police officer Daniel Faulkner (video of Beverly reading his statement).

Affidavit by Mumia Abu-Jamal (3 May 2001) describing the events of 9 December 1981

Affidavit by Mumia's brother William Cook (29 April 2001), who was also present at the crime scene

Affidavit by Linn Washington (3 May 2001), a Philadelphia journalist who describes how he found the crime scene totally unsecured early on the morning of Faulkner's killing

Affidavit by Donald Hersing (10 May 1999), a "confidential source of information" for the FBI, detailing corruption in the Philadelphia police force

Affidavit by Rachel Wolkenstein (7 August 2001) that substantiates in detail from the inside how Mumia's former attorneys Weinglass and Williams sabotaged Mumia's defense during the period she was on the defence team.

Affidavit by Terri Maurer-Carter (21 August 2001), a court reporter, quoting Judge Sabo, who presided at Mumia's original hearing in 1982, saying during the trial "Yeah, and I'm going to help them fry the nigger"

Affidavit by George Michael Newman (25 September 2001), a private investigator hired by Mumia's former attorneys Weinglass and Williams confirming key points of Wolkenstein's account, and asserting that Weinglass prevented him from pursuing certain avenues of investigation leading to the real killers because Weinglass had been threatened.

Affidavit by Yvette Williams (28 January 2002) stating that prosecution witness Cynthia White told her she was pressured by the police into falsly stating that she saw Mumia shoot Faulkner

Affidavit by Kenneth Pate (April 18 2003) stating that his half-sister, Priscilla Durham, in a telephone conversation with Pate in 1983 or 1984, repudiated her testimony against Jamal at his 1982 trial

Witness William Singletary talks to JR on KPFA's "Flashpoints" program, confirming Mumia's absence at the time of the killing (audio file).