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Other materials from the revolutionary period of the Spartacists

The Birth of the Zionist State
A Marxist Analysis (1973–74)

The National Question in the Marxist Movement, 1848–1914 (1976)

Lenin vs. Luxemburg on the National Question (1977)

Trotskyism versus Maoism: Why the USSR is not Capitalist

A Spartacus Youth League pamphlet, April 1977

For a Labor-Socialist Ticket in 1968 (html 10k)

First published in Spartacist No. 11, March-April 1968.

Theses on Guerrilla Warfare (html 35k)

First published in Spartacist No. 11, March-April 1968.

To the Brink and Back: French Revolution (html 20k)

First published in Spartacist No. 12, September-October 1968.

Terrorism and Communism (pdf 801k)

First published in Spartacist, No. 17-18, August-September 1970.

Syndicalism and Leninism (html 11k)

First published in Spartacist, No. 19, November-December 1970.

Chilean Popular Front (html 10k)

Article from Spartacist, No. 19, November-December 1970.

For Class Action Against the War: Against NPAC Pop Fronts (html 23k)

First published in Spartacist Supplement, July 1971.

The Development of the Spartacist League (html 53k)

First published by the Spartacist League of New Zealand, August 1972.

Proletarian Military Policy (html 26k)

First published in Revolutionary Communist Youth Newsletter, No. 13, August-September 1972.

The Stalin School of Falsification Revisited (html 235k)

These articles were originally serialized in Workers Vanguard, in 1973, starting in the 22 June issue [No.23] and concluding in the 10 October issue [No. 30] . They are a response to a Maoist attack on Trotskyism that appeared in the Guardian.

West Coast Auto Local Rejects Preferential Seniority (html 7k)

First published in Workers Vanguard, March 1974

On The Labor Party Question (html 23k)

Transcript from a tape recording of a 5 November 1972 speech by James Robertson at an internal meeting, published in the Spartacist League (US), Internal Discussion Bulletin # 23, August 1974.

Letter to the OCRFI and the OCI (html 29k)

From Spartacist No. 22, Winter 1973-74, 15 January 1973

On the United Front Question (html 17k)

Article by Joseph Seymour. Published in the Spartacist League Internal Discussion Bulletin number 23, 1974, reprinted in On the United Front, Spartacus Youth League pamphlet, 1976, and Spartacist Publishing Company 1996.

The Fight to Implement Busing: For Labor/Black Defence to Stop Racist Attacks and to Smash Fascist Threats

Spartacist Youth League pamphlet, 1975

Leninism and Workers Control (html 44k)

An article based on a talk by Joseph Seymour at a West Coast Spartacus Youth League educational in mid-March 1977.Published in Workers Vanguard no 162, 17 June 1977.

Spartacusbund Expels Left Opposition: Trotskyist Faction Fuses with TLD (html 21k)

First published in Spartacist No. 23, Spring 1977.

Declaration for the Organizing of an International Trotskyist Tendency (html 21k)

Statement formally initiating the international Spartacist tendency. Adopted July 1974; published in Spartacist, No. 23, Spring 1977

Lenin and the Vanguard Party (html split into chapters)

Spartacist League pamphlet of a series of articles by Joseph Seymour published in Workers Vanguard in 1977-78.

The Rebirth of British Trotskyism (html 67k)

First published in Workers Vanguard, No. 200, 7 April 1978. On the fusion of a group leaving the Workers Socialist League with the international Spartacist tendency.

Labour Boycotts vs imperialist sanctions - The Port Kembla pig-iron boycott of 1938

First published in Published in Australasian Spartacist no 57, September 1978.