Marxist Archive

Spartacist materials on revolutionary defense policy

"What Defense Policy for Revolutionaries?" Revolutionary Communist Youth Newsletter No. 17, May-June 1973

"Munoz Delegation Meets with UN Refugees Commissioner," Workers Vanguard No. 119, 23 July 1976

"PDC Forum Hails Victory of Muñoz Campaign," Workers Vanguard No. 123, 3 September 1976

"Class Struggle Defense Saved Munoz," Workers Vanguard No. 123, 3 September 1976

"On the Partisan Defense Committee," by Reuben Samuels, 7 October 1976, Discussion Bulletin No. 27, Spartacist League/U.S., June 1977

"For Class-Struggle Defense," by Toni Reade, 9 June 1977, Discussion Bulletin No. 28, Spartacist League/U.S, June 1977