Marxist Bulletin No. 2

The Nature of the Socialist Workers Party—Revolutionary or Centrist

Discussion Material of the Revolutionary Tendency within the SWP
Published by Spartacist - September 1965

Table of Contents


Letter to Ed by Jim Robertson, l8 October 1961

Letter to Ed by Tim Wohlforth, 24 October 1961

"Proposed Statement on Orientation" by Tim Wohlforth, 18 May 1962

"Orientation of the Party Minority in Youth Work (draft)" by Lynne Harper, 8 August 1962

"The Centrism of the SWP and the Tasks of the Minority" by Jim Robertson and Larry Ireland, 6 September 1962

"Towards the Working Class" by Tim Wohlforth, 2 October 1962; plus appended letter by Albert Philips

"The Tendency and the Party" by Geoffrey White, 10 October 1962

"Theses on the Situation and Tasks of the Revolutionary Tendency in the American Trotskyist Movement" by Shane Mage, 10 October 1962

"What the Discussion Is Really About" by Laurence Ireland, 13 October 1962

"For a Fighting Perspective!" by Shirley Stoute, 24 October 1962

Posted: 16 July 2005