Class & Climate book cover

Class & Climate

In a time of unprecedented climate chaos, it is increasingly common among self-styled leftists, eco-activists and even mainstream liberals to identify capitalism as the root cause of the ongoing exploitation of the environment and impending ecological disaster.

All too often missing from these critiques is the fundamental role played by class. The working class, whose role as creators of value is counterposed to capitalist profit, have both an interest in and the capability to overthrow capitalism - an absolute precondition for solving the climate crisis. Instead, many have been persuaded that we can get through by adapting capitalism to make it "kinder," "sustainable" or "green"; or that technology will simply provide solutions.

The articles in this pamphlet locate the ecological and climate catastrophe within the context of class and the need for the revolutionary overturn of capitalism, providing an urgently needed counter to the reformist "politics of the possible."