Trotskyist Bulletin No. 4

Trotskyism vs. Pabloism

Nicaragua & the Permanent Revoution



The Arias Peace Plan Six Months Later
(by Robert Adam and Neil Henderson, originally appeared in Socialist Challenge [SC], Vol. 2, No.7)

A Victory and Danger: Comment on the Central America Peace Plan
(by Barry Weisleder, originally appeared in SC, Vol. 3, No. 1)

Central America Treaty = Peace?
(by Harold Lavender, originally appeared in SC, Vol. 3, No. 1)

The Arias Peace Plan & The ASA: A Victory (For Bourgeois Ideology) and A Danger to Marxism
(by Neil Henderson, originally appeared in Internal Discussion Bulletin, Vol. 5, No. 4, April 1988)

Excerpts from Nicaragua, The Permanent Revolution and the Road to Workers Power
(by Neil Henderson, dated March 13, 1988)

National Reconciliation or Class War? The Choice for Nicaragua
(by Neil Henderson, dated March 27, 1988)

Open Letter to Socialist Challenge/Gauche Socialiste
(by Neil Henderson, dated June 3, 1988)

Addendum to Open Letter
(by Neil Henderson, dated July 1988)

A Reply to Neil H.
(by Andrew R., not dated, distributed July 1988)

Rejoinder to Andrew R., The United Secretariat: An Anti-Trotskyist Fraud
(by Neil Henderson, August 8, 1988)


Toronto Anti-Intervention Coalition (TAIC) February 2, 1988 Demonstration Flyer

Speeches to February 2, 1988 TAIC Rally

The "principled" coalition bogey
(by Raghu K., dated January 29, 1988)

BT Resignation from TAIC, dated 15 February 1988

Pre-November 1987 TAIC Basis of Unity

Trotskyist League Leaflet, dated 3/88

BT Letter to Trotskyist League, dated 4 February 1988

Labor Donated