No Pacifist Illusions!

A propaganda of peace at the present time, if not accompanied by a call to revolutionary mass actions, is only capable of spreading illusions, of demoralising the proletariat by imbuing it with confidence in the humanitarianism of the bourgeoisie, and of making it a plaything in the hands of the secret diplomacy of the belligerent countries. In particular, the idea of the possibility of a so-called democratic peace without a series of revolutions is deeply erroneous.

(V.I. Lenin – From Conference of Foreign Sections of the RSDLP" Social-Democrat No. 40, March 29 1915)


It is necessary not only to stop the war, but to stop the war through the defeat of our “own” imperialist rulers. Therefore we propose the following resolution for this meeting:

That the slogans and political basis of the Stop the War Coalition should be:

Defend Afghanistan!
Defeat imperialism!
Stop US/UK's war!

International Bolshevik Tendency (