Drop the Charges Against NZ Activists!

On 15 October, New Zealand police raided Maori communities and the homes of various political activists after conducting an 18-month secret investigation under anti-terrorism laws. Seventeen Maori, peace, anarchist and environmental activists were arrested. Militant demonstrations against these arrests were held in every main center, as well as some smaller towns, across the country. Solidarity actions were also organized in Sydney, Melbourne, London, Geneva, The Hague, Athens and elsewhere. The intensity of domestic and international protest doubtless contributed to the NZ Solicitor-General’s announcement on 8 November that no terrorism charges would be brought. While this represents an important victory, 16 of the 17 arrested still face firearms charges. It is important to continue the fight until all the charges are dropped and the anti-terrorism legislation is repealed.

The following brief remarks were made by Adaire Hannah on behalf of the International Bolshevik Tendency at a demonstration in Wellington on Saturday, 27 October. The photographs are from the same demonstration:

We are here today to demand the immediate release of the arrested 17 and that all the charges against them are dropped. These arrests will not be the last. Anyone involved in fighting for the end of oppression and exploitation is a future target.

So we also need to be here to defeat the Terrorism Suppression Act. When this Act was passed in 2002 there was little outcry in New Zealand, as most people did not appreciate how such laws would rebound on them, their families and friends.

What this event has highlighted is the New Zealand government’s involvement with the “War on Terror”. The New Zealand government has been playing a shadow role with this crime against humanity, with its military involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. These arrests bring this involvement home.

The real terrorists are those who are orchestrating this “War on Terror”…

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Posted: 10 November 2007