1917 No.44 (2021)

International Bolshevik Tendency

1917 : Journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency–  No.43 (2021)


Israel-Palestine: Apartheid, Imperialism & Class

Democrats in Power
‘Woke’ Liberalism in the Service of Imperialism

Ukraine in Imperialist Vise
Nationalism & great power rivalries

The Bulldog Pokes the Bear
Down with British imperialist provocations!

Abolish the Monarchy!
Racist centenarian toff dies, establishment cries

Cause Capitalism a ‘Serious Inconvenience’
Defend the right to protest!

Canada’s Dirty Secret
Residential schools & ethnic cleansing

Introduction to Marxist Economics
International Bolshevik Tendency study class

Larry Lawrence 1950–2020

In Brief
Selections from social media