1917 No.34 (2012)

international bolshevik tendency

1917 : Journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency–  No.34 (2012)

Pathologies of Capitalism: Economic Crisis & Neocolonial Wars

Libya & the Left

Defeat the Imperialists: IBT Statement on NATO’s Libya Campaign

Anti-Imperialism vs. Pro-Intervention ‘Solidarity’: Polemic with Irish Anarchists

Capitalism can’t be fixed! On the Occupy Movement

Mass Protest Against Police Attack: On Occupy Oakland’s ‘General Strike’

Anger Boils Over in Britain: IBT Speech to German Anarchists

For a General Strike to Smash Austerity!: Con-Dem & Labour: Different Knife, Same Cuts

Capitalist Crisis & Revolutionary Opportunity: Sixth International Conference of the IBT

On the ‘Revolutionary Constituent Assembly’

IG on ‘Jailing Killer Cops’

Free Mumia Now! Death Sentence Dropped

‘Marxists Are Not Pacifists’: United Front Demonstration Against Afghan War

IMT Glorifies Layton’s Legacy