15 April 2021
1917 #43 now out

10 April 2021
Abolish the Monarchy!
Racist centenarian toff dies, establishment cries

28 March 2021
Cause Capitalism a ‘Serious Inconvenience’
Defend the right to protest!

22 March 2021
Israel-Palestine: Apartheid, Imperialism & Class

21 March 2021
Class & Climate
New pamphlet available online, in print and as an ebook

23 February 2021
Democrats in Power
‘Woke’ Liberalism in the Service of Imperialism

30 January 2021
The Corbyn Project: A Case Study in Social Democracy
Text and audio of a presentation at an IBT online meeting

17 January 2021
Free Assange Now!
Important Legal Victory for Julian Assange

16 January 2021
Rooftop Rebellion at Waikeria
Smash the Prison System!

14 January 2021
‘Trial by Combat’ at the Capitol
Down with Trump! Break with the Democrats!

22 December 2020
Nationalism & Nagorno-Karabakh

31 October 2020
MAS/Arce Election Win
No Victory for Bolivian Working Class

27 October 2020
Audio: Pandemic, Presidents and Profit
Presentation at IBT online public meeting on the US election

19 October 2020
Introduction to Marxist Economics
International Bolshevik Tendency study class

13 October 2020
The Right to Live and Die
Critical Support to Proposed Euthanasia Reforms

11 October 2020
Jacinda Ardern – no Friend to Workers and Oppressed
No to Labour, Yes to Euthanasia and Cannabis Reforms

9 October 2020
Pandemic, Presidents and Profit
Online public meeting on the US election and the state of America
Saturday 17 October 2020, 4pm EDT

28 August 2020
School Closures, Class Struggle & Covid-19
For Workers’ Control of Education!

25 July 2020
Trump’s Authoritarian Crackdown
For Labor Strikes against Repression!

22 July 2020
Provoking China
Imperialists out of the South China Sea!

11 July 2020
1917 #42 now out

  • Introducing the New Format of 1917
  • Racist Cop Violence Triggers Mass Outrage
  • Capitalism & Climate Change
  • A Revolutionary Response to COVID-19
  • WikiLeaks & Whistleblowers in the Age of Imperialism
  • Defend Iran! Imperialists Out!
  • Defend China against Pro-Imperialist ‘Democracy’ Campaign!
  • Marxism & Bourgeois Elections
  • Put Labour to the Test! Antisemitism, smears & social-democracy
  • Britain’s Brexit Nightmare
  • Class & Mana at Ihumātao
  • Capitalism vs. Science at Foulden Maar
  • Anti-Fascist Demo in New Zealand

  • 2 July 2020
    Whither America?
    Class, Crisis & Imperial Decay

    14 June 2020
    IMT: ‘Defund the Police’ or ‘Workers in Uniform’?
    An open letter

    3 June 2020
    Video: Introduction to Marxist Economics

    31 May 2020
    Racist Cop Violence Triggers Mass Outrage
    For Labor Strikes against Repression & Austerity!

    2 April 2020
    Francais: Pour une réponse révolutionnaire au COVID-19

    22 March 2020
    Capitalism & Climate Change
    Marxism vs. Eco-Reformism

    18 March 2020
    A Revolutionary Response to COVID-19

    9 March 2020
    WikiLeaks & Whistleblowers in the Age of Imperialism
    Free Julian Assange & Chelsea Manning!

    27 January 2020
    International Day of Action against War on Iran and Iraq

    8 January 2020
    Defend Iran! Imperialists Out of the Middle East!

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