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20 February 2016
Trump: Ugly Face of Capitalism
Break with the Democrats – Build a Workers’ Party!

4 February 2017
Roots & Fruits of Imperialism
Fundamental Continuities in the Epoch of War & Revolution

28 January 2017
Deutsch: Bolschewik Nr. 34, Januar 2017

11 December 2016
Thirty-five Years Too Long – Free Mumia Now!
Speech from united-front demonstration for Mumia Abu-Jamal

2 December 2016
All out for Mumia 9 December: Free Mumia! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!
Friday 9 December 2016 is the 35th anniversary of the police frame-up of radical black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal and is being marked around the world. IBT comrades are helping to organize and endorsing the following demonstrations:
Toronto: 6pm, across from U.S. Consulate, 361 University Ave, between Dundas St. and Queen St.
Wellington: 5:30-6:30pm, The Bucket Fountain, Cuba Street
Oakland: 4-6pm, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway
Further information on Mumia's case

28 November 2016
The Legacy of Leon Trotsky
Third and final part of the series now online:
I: The Long Road to Revolution
II: The Degeneration of the Russian Revolution
III: Building the Fourth International

3 November 2016
Strike against the Privatisation Juggernaut!
Stop NZ Government’s attacks on education!

31 October 2016
‘Democracy’ in Decay
U.S. Presidential Election 2016

8 September 2016
Thirty Years of Homosexual Law Reform

5 September 2016
Vote Corbyn, Break with Reformism!
Oppose Austerity & Imperialist War! Workers Need a Revolutionary Party!

24 August 2016
The 1996 New York City Janitors’ Strike: A Repudiation

28 May 2016
The Devil or the Deep Blue Sea?
Neither the EU nor Nationalist Poison – Spoil Your Ballot!

14 May 2016
Cops, Reformism & Black Liberation
Exposing Fightback’s Social Democratic Record

30 April 2016
Deutsch: Chaos im Nahen Osten
Imperialismus, Islamische Reaktion & Syriens Bürgerkrieg

13 April 2016
Event: Red Square on a Blackboard
Documentary on the inspirational 2012 Quebec student strike. Film showing followed by discussion, Wellington, New Zealand

7 April 2016
Sanders: ‘Socialist’ Shill for Democrats
Why there is no social-democratic party in the U.S.

31 March 2016
1917 #38 now out:

Middle East Chaos: Imperialism, Islamic Reaction & Syria‘s Civil War
Proletarian Internationalism & the Struggle against Fortress Europe
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! United-Front Rally in New Zealand
Labor Action to Fight Racist Cop Terror! Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland
TTIP: An Attack on the Working Class
What Kind of Political Party?
Marxism & Bourgeois Elections: CWI/Socialist Alternative Providing Left Cover
Pandering to Illusions in Sinn Féin: Election 2016 & Working-Class Independence
Spoil Your Ballot! No Choice for Workers! British Workers Need a Revolutionary Party
Labourism Rebooted: Jeremy Corbyn & Class-Struggle Politics

1 March 2016
Fascists run amok in Dover
The polarised streets of the gateway to Britain

1 March 2016
Event: Capitalism: A Love Story
Film showing followed by discussion, Wellington, New Zealand

12 February 2016
Middle East Chaos
Imperialism, Islamic Reaction & Syria’s Civil War

8 February 2016
Pandering to illusions in Sinn Féin
Election 2016 and working-class independence

28 January 2016
Deutsch: Bolschewik Nr. 33, Januar 2016

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