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22 March 2017
Understanding the ‘Weakest Link’
Imperialism, Tsarist Russia & WWI

20 March 2017
Audio: Global Turmoil: The Rise of Trumpism
Talk given at Brock University, Ontario, 3 March 2017

17 March 2017
Video: Rape and Women's Rights
IBT supporter Adaire Hannah speaking at a rally on 13 March 2017 protesting against rape culture in Wellington, New Zealand. The rally was organized by students of Wellington East Girls’ College after comments involving rape “jokes” were made on social media by students from the nearby all-boys Wellington College. Her powerful speech clearly resonated strongly with the hundreds of youth in the crowd because it connected the issue of rape to other aspects of women's liberation. It is necessary to struggle against all injustice but socialist revolution is the only way that misogny, racism, xenophobia and other pathologies constantly reproduced by capitalism can be eliminated once and for all. These arguments are further expanded in Marxism, Feminism and Women's Liberation.

20 February 2017
Trump: Ugly Face of Capitalism
Break with the Democrats – Build a Workers’ Party!

4 February 2017
Roots & Fruits of Imperialism
Fundamental Continuities in the Epoch of War & Revolution

28 January 2017
Deutsch: Bolschewik Nr. 34, Januar 2017

11 December 2016
Thirty-five Years Too Long – Free Mumia Now!
Speech from united-front demonstration for Mumia Abu-Jamal

2 December 2016
All out for Mumia 9 December: Free Mumia! Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!
Friday 9 December 2016 is the 35th anniversary of the police frame-up of radical black journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal and is being marked around the world. IBT comrades are helping to organize and endorsing the following demonstrations:
Toronto: 6pm, across from U.S. Consulate, 361 University Ave, between Dundas St. and Queen St.
Wellington: 5:30-6:30pm, The Bucket Fountain, Cuba Street
Oakland: 4-6pm, Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway
Further information on Mumia's case

28 November 2016
The Legacy of Leon Trotsky
Third and final part of the series now online:
I: The Long Road to Revolution
II: The Degeneration of the Russian Revolution
III: Building the Fourth International

3 November 2016
Strike against the Privatisation Juggernaut!
Stop NZ Government’s attacks on education!

31 October 2016
‘Democracy’ in Decay
U.S. Presidential Election 2016

8 September 2016
Thirty Years of Homosexual Law Reform

5 September 2016
Vote Corbyn, Break with Reformism!
Oppose Austerity & Imperialist War! Workers Need a Revolutionary Party!

24 August 2016
The 1996 New York City Janitors’ Strike: A Repudiation

28 May 2016
The Devil or the Deep Blue Sea?
Neither the EU nor Nationalist Poison – Spoil Your Ballot!

14 May 2016
Cops, Reformism & Black Liberation
Exposing Fightback’s Social Democratic Record

30 April 2016
Deutsch: Chaos im Nahen Osten
Imperialismus, Islamische Reaktion & Syriens Bürgerkrieg

13 April 2016
Event: Red Square on a Blackboard
Documentary on the inspirational 2012 Quebec student strike. Film showing followed by discussion, Wellington, New Zealand

7 April 2016
Sanders: ‘Socialist’ Shill for Democrats
Why there is no social-democratic party in the U.S.

31 March 2016
1917 #38 now out:

Middle East Chaos: Imperialism, Islamic Reaction & Syria‘s Civil War
Proletarian Internationalism & the Struggle against Fortress Europe
Free Mumia Abu-Jamal! United-Front Rally in New Zealand
Labor Action to Fight Racist Cop Terror! Ferguson, Baltimore, Oakland
TTIP: An Attack on the Working Class
What Kind of Political Party?
Marxism & Bourgeois Elections: CWI/Socialist Alternative Providing Left Cover
Pandering to Illusions in Sinn Féin: Election 2016 & Working-Class Independence
Spoil Your Ballot! No Choice for Workers! British Workers Need a Revolutionary Party
Labourism Rebooted: Jeremy Corbyn & Class-Struggle Politics

1 March 2016
Fascists run amok in Dover
The polarised streets of the gateway to Britain

1 March 2016
Event: Capitalism: A Love Story
Film showing followed by discussion, Wellington, New Zealand

12 February 2016
Middle East Chaos
Imperialism, Islamic Reaction & Syria’s Civil War

8 February 2016
Pandering to illusions in Sinn Féin
Election 2016 and working-class independence

28 January 2016
Deutsch: Bolschewik Nr. 33, Januar 2016

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