A selection of IBT leaflets and statements

IBT statements on the case of Mumia Abu-Jamal

What Choice for Workers? Labour, trade unions and reformist dead ends - British supplement to 1917 produced for the 5 May general election. (26 April 2005)

Remarks by an IBT supporter at a "peace" rally in Albany, New York on 9 March. (14 March 2005)

Fascists taught lesson in Wellington. (26 October 2004)

Stalinists and Counterrevolution - Letter to the Internationalist Group on the Stalinists' role in the destruction of the Soviet bloc. (12 September 2004)

Forward to a Revolutionary Workers’ Party—No to Lesser Evilism! - statement on the US elections. (31 August 2004)

By Any Means Necessary... - a letter to Workers Vanguard on the difference in their analysis of Lebanon in 1983 and Iraq today. (8 August 2004)

Correction to our report of a SL-IG-IBT bloc against rightist provocation in Boston. (4 August 2004)

Report of a SL-IG-IBT bloc against rightist provocation in Boston. (28 July 2004)

Letter to Workers Vanguard responding to the Workers Vanguard, No. 827, 28 May article entitled “Kneeling Before the Body of General Wolfe on the Plains of Abraham.” (19 July 2004)

For an openly anti-imperialist anti-war movement! - statement distributed in Britain. (3 July 2004)

Statement on the Canadian federal elections. (22 June 2004)

A letter to the editor of Workers Vanguard on the recent strike by CN workers in Canada. (20 March 2004)

"RESPECT-able Reformism and Cross-class 'Unity' " - leaflet produced by IBT Britain in response to the formation of a new electoral coalition. (25 January 2004)

IBT letter to South Korean President Roh protesting the arrest of construction union activists. (28 October 2003)

"The Emperor Has No Clothes" our reply to 29 August Workers Vanguard article "BT: A Walking Provocation." (12 September 2003)

"The Truth Hurts" our reply to 1 August Workers Vanguard article "BT: Renegades for Hire". (13 August 2003)

Letter to Workers Vanguard (paper of the Spartacist League) exposing two recent gross misrepresentations of our politics. (15 June 2003)

Letter to the League for the Revolutionary Party challenging their claim that the IBT does not "defend the right of immigrants to enter the imperialist countries". (08 June 2003)

Letter to Norm Sterling, Attorney General of Ontario, demanding the dropping of charges against three OCAP supporters for participation in the 15 June 2000 demonstration at Queens Park. (31 May 2003)

Letter to the Internationalist Group that was posted on a New York email discussion list on 6 March. (07 April 2003)

Letter to the Weekly Worker (CPGB) on the questions of military blocs to defend Iraq and opposing class-collaboration in the anti-war movement. (13 March 2003)

In New Zealand, at a recent conference organised by the Anti Capitalist Alliance (ACA), the question of Palestine/Israel came up, leading to an exchange between comrades of the IBT and members of the ACA. An account of the conference distorting our position on this question was published subsequently, prompting the following response. (24 February 2003)

Statement on the Columbia ‘Disaster’. (10 February 2003)

An exchange between an Internationalist Group supporter and one of our comrades on the question of revolutionary press policy recently took place on a New York City leftist discussion list. (7 February 2003)

We respond to an "informal group of people in Toronto of varying perspectives (anarchist, communist and others)" who distributed a leaflet at a January anti-war march critical of the attempt by "'leftists'/Trotskyists" to differentiate between offering military and political support to Iraq against imperialist aggression. (6 February 2003)

British introduction to the IBT leaflet "Defend Iraq! Down with Bush's Terror War!" (16 November 2002)

IBT leaflet, "Defend Iraq! Down with Bush's Terror War!", opposing the threatened war against Iraq, available as html (30k) or PDF (51k) (30 October 2002)

Report on the intervention of an IBT comrade at a recent Internationalist Group public forum called to discuss the issue of the pending U.S. attack on Iraq (23 September 2002)

Spoil your ballot! - statement on the NZ general election (25 July 2002)

ICL in New York and Paris: A Tale of Two Cities (30 June 2002)

CWI, IBT, ICL, IS, USFI, Anarchists, Trade Unionists & Others Hold United Front Meeting for Mumia in Toronto (14 June 2002)

LRCI Flip-flop on Ukrainian SPU (12 April 2002)

Letter to Workers Power discussing the LRCI's call for a constituent assembly in Argentina (08 April 2002)

IBT (Ukraine) election statement
An English translation of a statement distributed in the run-up to the Ukrainian elections on 31 March 2002.

Some news that didn’t fit (18 February 2002)

Letter to the Internationalist Group from the IBT (Ukraine) protesting a slanderous accusation in the current issue of The Internationalist (6 December 2001) (English translation)

Reply to Workers Vanguard
A response to the attack on the IBT in WV 12 October 2001 entitled "The Bolshevik Tendency and the Pathology of Renegades—On the Pentagon Attack." (21 October 2001)

"WV’s Malicious Inventions—One Down, More to Go!"
A response to Workers Vanguard (30 November 2001)

Letter protesting the detention and brutal abuse of Palestinian human rights advocates Abed Rahman al-Ahmar, Adnan al-Hajar and Hashem Abu Hassan (26 June 2001)

Workers of the World Must Shut Down the Sweatshops!
A leaflet distributed in London on May Day 2001

Bolshevism v. the swamp
An open letter to readers of the Weekly Worker, paper of the Communist Party of Great Britain, submitted by British IBT supporter Liz H. explaining why she had ceased to support their organisation (April 2001)

Neither Milosevic nor Kostunica
Article on the recent coup in Belgrade translated from Bolschewik, January 2001, German journal of the International Bolshevik Tendency (6 January 2001)

Fun With Figures
Inattentive readers of Workers Vanguard (WV), flagship of James Robertson's Spartacist League (SL), may have missed a remarkable bit of good news buried on page nine of the 10 March issue (1 April 2000)

The End of Prehistory?
A commentary on a Time magazine article by Francis Fukuyama entitled "Will Socialism Come Back?" (5 June 2000)

Arnie Mintz Is Gone
Obituary of a longtime leftist active in Canada and Britain (28 January 2000)

Spartacist League rationalizes its sectarianism and political isolation
A report and commentary on the SL and the recent WTO protests in Seattle and the anti-KKK protests in New York City (3 January 2000)

No Free Speech for Fascists!
Letter to the Spartacist League concerning the New York City anti-KKK demonstration on 23 October (19 November 1999)

Don't Be Fooled by APEC Tears over East Timor
Statement by the IBT (NZ) on the sending of UN troops to East Timor (10 September 1999)

Free Abdullah Öcalan!
Translated from a 24 February 1999 supplement to Bolschewik, journal of Gruppe Spartakus, German section of the IBT

IBT Statement on Ian Donovan's Attack on SL/B Comrade (17 February 1999)

Stop State Attacks on Leftists!
Solidarity declaration circulated by the International Bolshevik Tendency and its German section, the Gruppe Spartakus, protesting police raids on three left cultural associations in Duisburg, part of a wider pattern of state repression in Germany (28 October 1998). List of endorsers of the solidarity declaration.

Australian Dock Strike: A 'Crisis of Leadership'
Statement published by the IBT (NZ) (27 July 1998)

For Militant Struggle in Defence of Firefighters
Statement published by the IBT (NZ) (14 July 1998)

Auckland Black-out: Market 'Efficiency' on Display
Statement published by the IBT (NZ) (6 April 1998)

Defend Iraq Against Imperialist Attack
Statement published by the IBT (1 February 1991)